Design Files
Updated 05/08/2004

These are .sew files for the Janome Memory Craft line of embroidery machines in a zip format.
Some of the zips may contain more than one design.
Some designs may be made in multiple files... , etc..
Simply sew them in order to complete the design.
The Bitmap used to create the .sew file may not always be included.

The below Files are used to make a Baby Book.

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Baby Book

The book, when put together, is a fan-fold type book
with four pages on each side[FrameA through FrameH].
One side will have a frame cover page (with mirror or picture insert)
and three additional pages with alpha characters A-C with the apple, ball and cat;
and the other side will have a cover page (123/ABC)
and three additional pages with the numeric characters,
1, 2 & 3 with single, double and triple symbols to go along with them.
Designs may be overlaid and/or combined to make the layout to your liking.
There are several Other Baby designs included.

I used a 50/50 polly/cotton fabric.

I cut a rough 8 inch square to embroider on,
after all squares are embroidered trim
the fabric to a 1/2 ( or slightly larger )seam allowance
[all  frames should be trimmed to the same size].
{ Frame E is for a picture or mirror,
after the three outside band are done there is
a straight stitch that runs around the inside.
Before you stitch the fourth part, simply
place a square of fabric on top of the hoop,
then stitch part 4, remove from hoop.
Trim to an inside 1/4 SA. Turn and press.
( If you don't want a picture or mirror, stitch one
of the extra designs in the center of the frame.)}

To assemble the book, layout the Frames in the order:
Stitch together with a 1/2 SA.
( If you are going to put a picture in Frame E
you need to cut a square of  Clear Vinyl
the same size as the outside of frame E
and place it behind the frame,
Treat it as one piece of fabric.)
[ Instead of a picture behind vinyl, you could use an iron on photo of the
child with the iron-ons for ink jet printer t-shirts. {Thanks DestinyKC}]
Lay the two strips face to face,
on the A,B,C,D side place a strip of
a lightweight poly batting. Stitch around three
side, leaving the end with Frame E open.
Clip corners, turn and press ( careful of the vinyl).
Top stitch long the seams between the frames.
Trim the picture to fit and place it behind the vinyl.
( If your are using a mirror, be sure to use a plastic one
and round the corners. )
Fold in the 1/2 SA and whip stitch closed.

A Special thanks to Jean Dennis for this idea,
and the many suggestions along the way.

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Please feel free to download and stitch any or all
of the designs in any way you choose,
on items to keep, give as gifts.
If your have a problem with any file here, E-Mail Me!